Central Vacuum Systems

Cleaner • Quieter • Convenient

These are the reasons we choose a quality vacuum cleaner. When you go shopping for the right vacuum you look at quality of the product, a name you know and trust. The size and weight of the product knowing you will have to lug it up and down stairs. Finally, you find the best features to give you the cleanest job possible, picking everything up and holding in the allergens.

What if we told you our central vacuum systems offer this in the starting package, and so much more?

Deep cleaning power

You have better things to do than go over and over those heavy traffic spots. Even the best traditional vacuum cleaners don't have enough suction to pull out the ground-in dirt. No matter how good the filter, some of that dirt ends up back in the air you and your family breathe. With 50% more suction, a central vacuum system means you'll spend less time on housework. Better yet, because central vacuum systems exhaust air to the outside, you'll know that you're not just blowing the same dirt around the house. Allergens and pollutants, no matter how microscopic, get removed from your home completely! Say good-bye to those indoor allergies!

Less noise means less disruption

We've all been in the early morning position where we have the motivation to begin the house chores, but everyone else is still sleeping.  Our central vacuum systems offer a stealth cleaning power, so quiet you can still get the job done when the baby's sleeping. This also means there's no longer a need for head phones or overpowering music to stay in that cleaning mood.


With a Sundance Central Vacuum System, you never have to carry that heavy tank up and down stairs or trip over tangled cords. The lightweight, ergonomic hose and attachments let you move easily around your home. You never have to stop after every room to empty that dirty canister. More suction means you'll get the job done faster and get on with doing what you love.

Don't spend any more time than you have to on housework! Let Sundance show you how a central vacuum system can make your life cleaner, quieter and convenient.

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