Distributed Audio & Video

Get Ready To Say, "Wow!"

Sundance Distributed Audio and Video takes home entertainment to a whole new level. Experience the visual clarity of true high definition. Hear the difference high-fidelity digital sound will make in every room.

Products and Service for Every Home

Sundance can transform your HDTV into a distributed audio and video entertainment system. Treat your friends to an in-house night at the movies they’ll never forget. Enjoy the relaxing sounds of a garden fountain in every room or crank it up and play your air guitar. (We promise, we won't tell!)

Audio Quality You Can Hear

Your dream of the ultimate surround sound effects for your home theater can come true. Fill every room of your house with music from your favorite satellite radio station that gets you through the day. Sundance Distributed Audio and Video has the equipment and experience to fit every and any room. Sundance offers speakers for every need from the best names in home audio. Distributed audio and video means no matter which room you're in, you're in control. Go ahead. Adjust the volume or change the dial, because distributed audio and video puts the technology at your fingertips through your smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, PC or Tablet.

Eye-Popping Video

High definition video on screens of any size means your distributed audio and video will look crystal clear no matter where you're sitting. Start a movie in your living room and move it to the den - or even out to the patio!

With apps, devices, and channels like Pandora, Netflix, VUDU, Apple TV, ROKU and more, your distributed audio and video experience is all on demand and integrated wirelessly for easy onscreen menu selection. You will have access to endless entertainment and transform your living room, or any room you like, into a home theater.

Sundance distributed audio and video provides the best digital entertainment technology for the most demanding entertainment experiences. Contact us today and experience it for yourself.

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