Home Monitoring

3 Reasons You'll Rest Easy With Sundance Home Monitoring.

You want peace of mind. Whether you're at home, monitoring what's happening in another room, across town running errands, or on vacation miles away, Sundance Home Monitoring provides you with three reasons you'll rest easy.

View live or recorded video of events in and around your home. Monitor your home for break-ins, fire, flooding, carbon monoxide and more. Control temperature, appliances and lights with just the click of a button.

Monitor From Anywhere, Anytime

With Sundance Home Monitoring, you can log into your home network with your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Our home monitoring systems are all securely networked on-line. You're only a click or tap away from seeing what you want to see... whenever you want... wherever you are.

Know Your Home Is Secure

Home monitoring helps reduce the risk of loss. Window and door sensors, indoor passive infrared detectors, and an intrusion control panel all network with a Central Station when the system is activated. Monitor your entire home with cameras that provide crystal-clear HD images. With Sundance Home Monitoring, set a lighting schedule to look like you are home even when you are away. Don't worry for hours whether you locked that door when you hurried out! Use your home monitoring interface to lock and unlock entrances on a schedule or at a moment's notice.

Know Your Home Is Safe

Your home monitoring doesn't just watch for break-ins. Home monitoring can alert you if the temperature drops too low, a smoke detector is triggered, the basement is flooding, or carbon monoxide levels are too high. Adjusting your thermostat, or sending a distress call to your local 911 dispatch is as easy as a tap of the finger.

You'll rest easy knowing your home monitoring system is keeping you in touch with what's happening, keeping intruders out, and keeping your loved ones safe. Call us!

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