Home Networking & WiFi Solutions

Your Life Is Online. Your Home Should Be Too!

Home networking and WiFi solutions are essential to every modern home. Whether you Email, Facebook, Pin, Instagram, or Tweet, your life is increasingly connected. Sundance can bring your home to life so you can work and play online from anywhere.

The Internet is not just here to stay. Increasingly, it's what the future looks like. As more of your life moves online, you need home networking that will keep up. With mobile devices like smartphones and tablets outpacing desktop PCs every year, you need the dependability, flexibility and power of WiFi solutions. At Sundance, we've got your online needs covered.

Dependability and Security

At Sundance, we believe your home network should just work. You shouldn't need a degree in astro-physics to connect your laptop and you shouldn't have to spend hours on the line with tech support. Sundance home networking and WiFi solutions are designed to be easy for you to plug into. At the same time, we use state-of-the-art online security to make sure your data is safe.

Backups are one of the most critical, yet overlooked, tasks in home networking, but we've got your back. We know the Web is constantly evolving. At Sundance, we build home networking for the future, so you'll have reliable online connectivity you can depend on for years to come.


Gone are the days of computers tied to a telephone jack in a corner. WiFi solutions cut the cord so you can work - or play! - wherever it is most convenient for you! No more running upstairs to print out a recipe for dinner - it's right there in the kitchen on your tablet next to the fridge. Go ahead and print a copy for your personal records without even moving off the sofa. Share files. Check the family calendar from out in the garage. Watch a how-to video from your basement workbench. It's all possible with the flexibility of Sundance WiFi Solutions!


With your whole family online, you're going to need a lot of power. Photos, music files, streaming movies, and online gaming eat up a ton of data... fast. At Sundance, we'll make sure your home networking and WiFi solutions have the power you need, avoiding slow-downs and outright system crashes.

Whether you're checking your airline reservations, watching movies, or updating your social network status, Sundance Home Networking keeps you connected. Call us!