Home Surveillance

Safety And Security You Can See And Believe.

You can't be at home all the time. Even when you're home, you can't be everywhere at once. Sundance Surveillance Systems are the next best thing. Whether you want to check on the kids without leaving your desk or see which neighbor "borrowed" the lawn mower, with Sundance Home Surveillance, seeing is believing!

When the cat's away... she knows exactly what's happening at home!

Maybe you want to watch the baby during nap time or double-check on the babysitter. Our Sundance Team can make this possible! Advancements in technology make home surveillance affordable without bulky cameras getting in the way. Automated systems monitor the interior and exterior of your home. Get an alert on your smartphone, or notify emergency personnel of unusual activity. Never worry about what is happening at your home again. Sundance is on guard so you can relax!

We have surveillance for every need.

With Analog Surveillance, you get maximum visibility, a high resolution, clear video, and an adjustable field of view. These Smart cameras are ideal for use in perimeter monitoring, warehouses, entrances, and a variety of other commercial and residential applications.

With IP Surveillance, you can see what you want to see, digitally record it, and even change camera angles for a better view, from anywhere in the world. Take advantage of live viewing of single or split screens, up to nine channels simultaneously.

Get it On Video

It was bad enough someone broke in and took your prized possessions. Was it a burglar or a passing raccoon that tried to break into the shed last night? Homeowners (and police) are often left guessing. Video surveillance increases the odds they'll find who did it and get your things back. If your case goes to court, with home surveillance, it won't be just your word against theirs.

Don't lose sleep or let worry ruin another vacation. Call us today and let Sundance Home Surveillance make a believer out of you.

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WirePath Analog Surveillance System

Live View: See who’s doing what in real-time on any camera connected to the DVR. Both full screen and matrix views are supported.

Playback: Want to see what time Junior came home? Just search for the appropriate time and playback at up to 64X speed!

Setup: Make changes to your DVR remotely using the PC-based user interface to adjust system settings from anywhere in the world.

Dual Stream: Compensate for low-bandwidth networks on-the-fly by choosing the extra stream for faster performance at slightly reduced resolution.

WirePath Analog Surveillance

WirePath IP Surveillance System

High Definition Streaming: Delivers pristine video with resolutions up to 1280x1024 at a full 30FPS, with a true 16:9 widescreen view at 1280x720.

Quadruple Stream Optimization: Record independent streams to an NVR in high-def, simultaneously sending a low-res, data-friendly stream to mobile device or control system.

Intuitive User Interface: Enjoy a clean, streamlined interface for easy monitoring right from your computer to provide one-click access.

Privacy Masking and Motion Detection: User-defined privileged areas can be blocked for privacy, while other areas can be defined to begin recording upon detecting motion.

WirePath IP Surveillance