Structured Wiring

Don't Just Guess. With Structured Wiring You Can Know.

With structured wiring, you'll know that your TV, Phone, and Internet signals will get through, and you'll have connectivity wherever and whenever you need it. At Sundance, we have over 15 years’ experience in designing and installing structure wired solutions in both new construction and retrofitting older homes for new technology.

Modern Smart Homes still require a structured wiring plan designed around the needs of the homeowner: HDTV cables, audio wires, telephone wires, security/surveillance lines and networking/data lines. Some data lines carry Internet signals for the network. Others carry HDMI feeds for video distribution throughout the house. This could result in a tangle of cords and non-labeled wires. Try to change one thing, and you could be guessing for hours which wire goes to what or have nothing work at all. Not with a Sundance Designed and Structured Wiring Plan!

Kiss the Mess Good-bye!

Structured wiring takes that whole mess of “spaghetti like” wiring and makes it into one easy-to-maintain, reliable plan. At Sundance, we configure it from end-to-end. All the components are guaranteed to be operational. Because we do it all, you know exactly who to call if anything needs done.

Reliability, Speed and Flexibility

Because structured wiring eliminates patching and splicing, your connections are more reliable. Your signals get through faster and stronger. You can easily add on or reconfigure as your needs change and expand. At Sundance, we use components and materials that exceed industry standards. You'll enjoy peace of mind for years to come.

Don't spend hours guessing. Structured wiring can be installed while a home is under construction, retrofitted during a remodel, or added on its own.