Experience the joys of indoor living enhanced by the experts at Sundance

Theaters with surround sound are the ultimate in home entertainment

Indoor living at its finest! We installed this custom built home theater room in this client’s lower level.  It features 7.1 Yamaha surround sound with the front in-wall speakers behind the acoustic 120″ screen, in-wall subs and 4″ ceiling surround sound rears. The client wanted to maximize floor space in the theater for seating so no speakers are on the floor. It looks and sounds amazing!

A home theater system by Sundance brings the excitement of the cinema to the comfort of your own home

Home theater systems have created a whole new way for you and your family to experience movies, sports, TV and music from the comfort of your own home. Experience surround sound, HD picture, comfortable seating, adjustable lighting, remote control and more.

In addition to home theaters, Sundance offers several other indoor living solutions. These include home networking and WiFi solutions which are essential to every modern home. Smart lighting and blind control provide safety and convenience. Energy management options save you money and help the environment too. Enjoy centralized control with your smart devices. Sundance brings you indoor living at its finest!