A home theater system by Sundance brings the excitement of the cinema to the comfort of your own home with surround sound, HD picture, comfortable seating, adjustable lighting, remote control and more. 

Home theater systems have created a whole new way for you and your family to experience movies, sports, TV and music from the comfort of your own home. Sundance can create a distributed audio and video entertainment system for any and all rooms in your home — den, living room, bedroom, basement, dedicated theater room, even the kitchen — by designing a centralized control area that shares sources. This keeps all your equipment like cable and satellite boxes and streaming devices organized and discreet, yet allows you to fully utilize the technology from anywhere in your home. 

Home theaters have created a whole new way for you and your family to experience movies, sports, TV and music from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy access to endless entertainment and transform your living room, or any room you like, into a home theater.

Sundance home theater systems take entertainment to a whole new level, giving you high-definition picture and high-fidelity digital sound that will make your experience truly spectacular. For the ultimate surround sound effects for your home theater, Sundance offers speakers from the best names in home audio. Experience dramatically clear sound for shows, movies, and gaming. Start with a soundbar and easily expand your system when you connect a subwoofer and rear surrounds over WiFi. High definition video means your picture will look crystal clear no matter where you’re sitting. Start a movie in your living room and move it to the den—or even out to the patio!

Enjoy an immersive home theater with seamless WiFi connectivity and simple control via your phone or smart devices. With countless options like Pandora, Netflix, VUDU, Apple TV, ROKU and more, your distributed audio and video experience is all on demand and integrated wirelessly for simple on-screen menu selection. It’s never been easier to bring the experience of movies, concerts and sports events right into your home. 

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Experience the joys of indoor living enhanced by the experts at Sundance
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Get all this and more from your home theater from Sundance

  • High-definition visuals – crystal clear images – no matter where you’re sitting – make you feel like you’re there
  • Crisp, clear audio – distributed through all the rooms in your home – never miss what was said
  • Seamless connectivity – Control with your phone or smart device over WiFi
  • Simple control – Easily navigate the on screen menu selections – no complicated instructions
  • Endless entertainment – Countless options like Pandora, Netflix, VUDI, Apple TV, ROKU and more