Low Voltage Wiring for Business

Connect your systems and devices including security, automation, internet, A/V and more to provide efficient and reliable functionality with low voltage wiring. Low voltage wiring supports your business’s hardware, integrating all of your systems and devices into one to provide centralized control. Properly installed structured wiring is crucial to maximize the efficiency and capabilities of your business’s network of audio, video, data, telephone, automation and security. With a well-planned wiring structure, you can be sure that you’ll have connectivity wherever and whenever you need it.

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Low voltage wiring board
wifi hardware

Business Networking

Connectivity is crucial for your business networking solutions. In order to connect printers, laptops, phones, and other devices to a single network so your employees can work efficiently, you must have reliable switches, routers and wireless network technology. For wireless, networking, security, and collaboration products to intuitive mobile and web applications, and secure networks and Wi-Fi, trust the experts at Sundance. 

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Conference Room AV

A well-integrated conference room A/V system that allows for virtual collaboration whether your employees are face-to-face or remote has become more important than ever. Smart technology is critical for conference room A/V to allow all employees and vendors to be fully engaged whether in the room or across the globe. The ultimate conference room A/V allows the end-user to control every feature of the room. Content sharing and collaboration is simple, seamless, and intuitive for on-site and remote workers and vendors. Key components of an effective audio visual setup can include display screens, whiteboards, speakers and microphones, and video conferencing and wireless presentation systems.

Business Audio/Video systems can be comprised of an assortment of hardware that includes conference telephones, video cameras, interactive whiteboards, digital signage, computers, smartphones, tablets, wireless connectivity, and more. These systems are a smart and necessary investment for any business to integrate the various technologies in use and run them in a seamless manner. Digital signage displays, video walls, training and conference rooms are informative, immersive, and interactive tools of today’s businesses. Ensure instant connectivity, crystal-clear video conferencing and web meetings, and crisp audio communications with smart solutions from Sundance. 

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conference room and tablet app with media control
speakers in business space and amp hardware

Sound Control for Business

Sound Control integrates your business’s voice-controllable devices with multi-room audio to give you hands-free smart automation with high-resolution sound. In addition to integrated voice-controlled devices, equip your business with multi-room speakers to allow for full-facility audio capabilities. 

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Smart Lighting for Business

Control the functionality and lighting usage in your business utilizing mobile devices, keypads, touchscreens, remotes, and voice assistant technology. Dim, brighten, and set lighting schedules according to the time of day or your schedule. Smart lighting improves efficiency and functionality and adds to your business’s security by activating lights when you aren’t there. Experience the convenience of light control from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet, control panel, or handheld remote when you add smart lighting to your business. 

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Smart Locks for Business

Smart locks provide keyless entry, access control, and door lock status monitoring, allowing you to lock or unlock a door from anywhere with a keypad, your phone or even your voice. Create user codes for use with the keypad and deleted as needed or created to last a specific amount of time. Sundance can easily integrate smart locks with your business’s security technology to work with other smart devices like lighting and cameras. Get notifications when locks are used or unexpected activity occurs, and customize alerts, settings, or simply lock your building, office space or warehouse via your mobile device.

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Energy Management

Energy Management begins with a smart thermostat that allows you to manage temperature with technology that works with your devices and your security system to give you complete control at your fingertips. A smart thermostat from alarm.com installed by Sundance will allow you to manage heating and cooling while at your business AND when you’re away to maximize energy efficiency. Rest assured that your business’s temperature will be monitored even if you lose power thanks to long battery life and LTE communication in your smart thermostat. Added to that, smart thermostats can work with your security system to generate alerts generated by temperature sensors in order to protect your business from extreme temperature disasters such as frozen pipes in winter. 

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