At Sundance, we have over 20 years of experience designing and installing low voltage wiring system solutions.

This home was in need of some serious “rewiring” help!

Low voltage wiring supports and connects your home systems and devices including security, automation, internet, TV, A/V and more to provide efficient and reliable functionality. The Sundance team helped this customer in Bath, OH clean up a mess from a previous installer. As you can see from the before picture, we had our hands full! The Sundance crew installed a new wiring system with a custom rack for easier service and maintenance. We also rebuilt the network throughout the house and updated the Elan G! software. Then we connected various subsystems (lights, HVAC, Security, Camers) to the system. The end result was another stable system and happy customer!

Low voltage wiring (or structured wiring) is the wiring system that supports your home’s hardware.

It integrates all of your systems and devices into one centralized system to provide control over the entire home. Properly installed structured wiring is crucial to maximize the efficiency and capabilities of your whole-house network of audio, video, data, telephone, television, home automation and security. Wiring can be installed while a home is under construction, retrofitted during a remodel, or added on its own.