HDTV Mounting with added features like soundbars, speakers, and hidden hardware

We have extensive TV Mounting experience.

Let yourself be inspired by these photos of TV mounting and HDTV installations in and around North Canton, Bath, Akron and Hinckley. Then let us professionally install your HDTV.

We mount HDTVs in every room of the house. One of the most popular places is above the fireplace. Often, we also mount a Sonos playbar or LCR soundbar below the TV to improve the sound quality. Our team also installs built in surround sound and in-wall rears. Equipment sometimes sit below hidden in the cabinet. Other times, it is located elsewhere in the home out of sight and wirelessly controlled. Master bath HDTVs, though less common, utilize an articulating mount so it can be placed in corner of room above the counter. Similarly, the “floating TV” has an articulating mount that’s able to be pulled out for different viewing angles. We even mount TVs outdoors!

The team at Sundance offers expert TV mounting and HDTV installation throughout your home.

Accessories like soundbars, speakers, universal remotes and wireless capabilities add to the appeal of your mounted HDTV. Experience convenience, an attractive display, and the best image and sound quality with your HDTV installation by Sundance.