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New smart home automation and security technology insights are creating more innovative options for customers.

It’s not exactly news that technology changes quickly. We all know this in our quest to have the latest and greatest phones, speakers, appliances, smart devices and more. But did you know that smart home and security technology evolves just as rapidly? 

Think about it. Did you ever imagine that we would be able to virtually control our homes with our phones? Was it a given that we would speak to visitors at our front door without ever having to actually go to the door? 

Maybe we considered these things when we watched Back to the Future or The Jetsons. But really, it didn’t seem all that realistic. The truth is, home automation and security is experiencing a revolution, and many of the newest features are quite sophisticated.

When you invest in quality products like those from, you invest in your home’s future. And, with a trusted company like Sundance Ltd., get expert installation, knowledgable support, and the newest features to keep your home system running at peak performance. 

Innovation means a better customer experience

One of those new features comes from with their debut of Ambient Insights for alarm response. This innovation utilizes AI and machine learning to help differentiate and identify situations in which an alarm is tripped, thereby allowing for the proper response. Ambient Insights provides information to monitoring stations as well as first responders. The benefit is the system’s ability to process contextual data. This produces a more accurate response and therefore better customer service.

The old adage is true—you get what you pay for. Don’t trust your home security to just anyone; trust the experts. When you search for a company that provides smart home technology and security installations, these are the key things you should look for: 

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